Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Effective Coupon Strategy: Cool-Ads™ Coupon End Cap

What’s the most effective coupon if you are trying to influence a potential customer to purchase your product? The simplest answer is: A coupon that will be SEEN as valuable, and one that will ultimately be USED to purchase the product. I’m sure we can all agree that if a coupon is offered in a medium that isn’t visible or is too difficult to use, then you lose the opportunity to influence buying behavior with it.

Traditional venues for offering coupons are quickly disappearing from the landscape. The days where people scour newspapers and magazines for coupons are disappearing as quickly as the publications themselves. Coupons have been offered through different methods on the Internet as well, as either subscription or membership websites, or through websites for the actual product. But people are busier than ever, and even spending time gathering coupons online is decreasing in popularity.

Another way to offer discounts is through store incentive cards where customers who sign up for reward cards receive product discounts. But what about the customer who walks into a store, uncommitted to any particular brand, and in a hurry? How could you possibly offer them a discount or an incentive to try your product? The answer is the Cool-Ads™ Coupon End Cap.

With the Coupon End Cap, and using standard Cool-Ads™ Handles, you can offer your coupons right on the cooler door. With the Coupon End Cap it is easy to run promotional specials on products throughout the year. Easily offer discounts to showcase seasonal merchandise, introduce new products, or offer a discount every month. With the Coupon End Cap there are no newspaper ads, no incentive cards to mess with, no lumping your discounts at the register or other areas where they can be ignored: Instead, your coupon is right on the cooler door, right where your customer makes the decision to make a purchase. And, since the coupon back slides out when not in use, it is easily changed when you aren’t offering any promotional discounts.

Cool-Ads™ is a leader in the industry, offering you affordable ways to advertise your product right on the cooler door. With fool proof installation in minutes, ads are easily changed, and do not require any tools or screws. In minutes you have fresh new advertisements, and coupons, right at the point of purchase. CLICK HERE for additional information.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Inside the Cool-Ads™ EL

Your customers WANT your products. You WANT them to find and buy your products! So, when someone walks into a large retail area filled with coolers and loaded with products, how are you going to keep them from just buying the first thing they see, making a short stop at the register, and going about their busy day? The answer is you have to grab their attention before they have a chance to pick another product! You want to influence that customer when they are ready to make a selection and purchase a product.

cool_matsMeet Cool-Ads™ EL: Sequential Lit Advertising Cool-Ads™ EL Handle. This new technology utilizing Electro-luminescent fibers and custom circuit boards creates an animated display right on the Cool-Ads™ Handle that brings your product to life. The animation can include examples such as a cool beverage being poured over ice, or watching an ice cream sandwich disappearing on a hot summer day. Images such as these certainly will entice potential customers to take another look. Motion sensors bring the handle to life when a person is within range further captivating potential buyers.

This new technology is easy to install and maintain too. View a brief instructional video to see just how easy it is to install the Cool-Ads™ EL Handle click here. And, since the handle runs on AA batteries located in an easily accessible compartment, the handle is easy to maintain and keep working hard for your product recognition.
The display options are as endless as your imagination. To see the Cool-Ads™ EL Handle in action with some real life examples, visit the Cool-Ads™ YouTube video library.