Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dear Friends:

Vegas today....my take on the most outrageous murder event of the year thus far. They say it's the worst mass shooting ever. Here, it seems everyone who survived are donating blood today. I think that will go on for days. The lines for the blood drives are long (3+ hours), but people are determined to do something good after so much bad. 

I saw a young man in tears at my local bagel shop, and stopped to speak with him. He is a writer for local news, and he spent the night covering the incident and was on the way to take his notes and turn them into something that he hopes will be meaningful. He was overwhelmed. I asked if he lost someone and he replied "nobody other than myself and my soul." I encouraged him to write his heart out in order to find it again. Other folks stopped by to offer their concern for the teary eyed young man. Just one small story in a city full of tears and those who care only to do something to feel like they helped someone.

As for the shooter, he came for war...a one man cowards war. 10 automatic rifles, 200 clips of ammo. 58 dead and over 500 wounded thus far. There were so many that our trauma center could only take 100 and the rest are spread out over 4 other hospitals. If you believe in God of any sort, or pray within the church of the heart, please do so for the wounded, so that they not join the dead at this time.

Larry English