Monday, June 13, 2016

New Trademark Awarded in China

We are pleased to announce the receipt of trademark for our brand name, Cool-Ads™  from China, a country with the largest population on earth. As our brand awareness grows, we have continually expanded our reach to various countries and have been awarded numerous patents and trademarks. For a complete list of our patents and trademarks, please visit our webpage CLICK HERE.

Cool-Ads™ offers a line of innovative products, each designed to captivate and engage the customer right at the Point Of Sale (POP). These products range from eye-catching and interactive handles that fit standard sized cooler doors offering promotional information, to store shelf advertising and entry door handle advertising.

2015 was an exciting and innovating year for Cool-Ads™! We released 6 new products last year, and we have exciting plans for 2016: we have already been awarded a coveted trademark in China. Last year we released these creative and useful products, sure to fit your marketing needs:
Be sure to visit the Cool-Ads™ webpage often as we continue to create products to make your brand stand out, and increase sales for your company. As always, POP … catch the customer where the purchase is made.