Thursday, December 31, 2015

Innovation … From Cool-Ads™ Your POP Expert ... and 2015 Wrap-up

2015 was an exciting and innovating year for Cool-Ads™! We released 7 new products this year, and we have exciting plans for 2016 … so, stay tuned! This year we released these creative and useful products, sure to fit your marketing needs:

Please click on the links above for a full description of each of these innovative POP products.

Visit our New Products Page often for more information on these products, and any new products as they are released throughout the year. Did you miss out on any of this information this year? Don’t be left out next year! Sign up for our email news on our website shown at the bottom of every webpage, and we will send you timely email updates as new products are released, and when we have promotions on our products.

This year was also marked by the receipt of multiple trademark and patents around the world. You can visit our Patents andTrademarks page for more information.

Be sure to continue to visit the Cool-Ads™ webpage often as we continue to create products to make your brand stand out, and increase sales for your company. As always, POP … catch the customer where the purchase is made.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year in 2016.

What is Brand Awareness and why is it important?

The economy today can only be best described as a free market economy. Different business brands have to rough it out and compete with each other for market domination. This competition is evident through the various prices and quality of similar products in the prices. Competition among businesses is only getting tougher and keeping customers interested in a specific product takes a little extra effort. Consumers are always looking for the best brand that suits their needs (that is including the cost factor).

One thing about consumers, through, is that they will continue buying from one brand if they feel connected to it and this is why brand awareness is crucial.

What is brand awareness?
A brand is defined as a tangible sum of a product’s attributes. Product attributes include name, price, packaging, history, reputation and advertising. In simple terms, the brand is what people say about the product. For every single type of product, there is a variety of brand options. Consumers are driven to choice of brand based on past experiences with that brand. Creating brand awareness is important to promote a product since it increases the likelihood of consumers recognizing the existence of a brand’s product.

Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness directly influences choice and brand sampling among consumers. Studies have shown that consumers will but a new product if it is from a brand they are aware of. Other consumers will choose a specific brand even if it is of less quality compared to other brands because of brand awareness.

If you want repeat customers or to avoid losing customers to competition, then brand awareness should be a major focus in your marketing departments. If your customers are aware of your brand, they will choose your product before choosing that of your competitors. 

This is why you need to keep them aware of your brand and its value.
Branding is a marketing practice of creating the name, logo and design that differentiates products from other similar products. Branding is an important marketing strategy for a loyal customer base. In order to create such strong relations between you and the customer; you need to invest greatly in unmatched customers services and product quality. Appealing to the customer’s emotional side is also a crucial part of branding. Doing things like giving promotional items for every purchase, hosting charity events and adopting animals are just some of the ways to do so.

Cool-Ads™ can assist in promoting your brand awareness. These products will fit nicely into any marketing campaign, as well as making your brand stand out for your customers:

Cool-Ads™ Handles: Branded End Caps: These end caps offer you low cost and long life brand protection. The Branded End Cap system fits over the ad and acrylic sheet leaving 12" of visible advertising room! Made of durable materials, the logos are vibrant and detailed. They can be either raised or silk screened depending on complexity and the number of colors. The BECs lock in place and deter pilferage of ads. Click here to learn more... 

Cool-Ads™ Shelf Bobbler: Put some oomph! behind your in-store marketing with our affordable shelf bobbler.

Make more money from every shopper who visits your store with our sturdy vinyl Shelf Bobbler. They fit any standard steel shelf and install effortlessly with a standard Philips Head screwdriver. Shelf Bobbler’s unique design allows for movement of spring loaded display frame – creating visual impact and preventing breakage of the unit. Shelf Bobblers can be easily relocated throughout your store, come in four great colors, and are virtually theft-proof. 

Stop leaving money on the table with ordinary retail signage. Step your marketing game up with Shelf Bobbler Signage Displays. Click here to learn more...

Cool-Ads™ Entry Door Mounted Advertising Handle: Display your Brand, Products, Logo, Store Info or Promotions at the point of entry…the busiest interactive point in your business!

Foolproof installation in minutes. Ads are easily changed with a simple hex wrench (supplied).

In minutes you have fresh communications as your customers enter your store.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Point of Purchase Displays to Boost Product Awareness, Sales and Influence Branding

The point of having a Point of Purchase display (POP) is to make your products more appealing to the customer. POP displays are an integral part of retail product marketing. Even when customers are thinking about a specific product in advance, a great POP display will draw them more to the products you want them to buy. It also makes your store look more organized and clean. A POP display does not have to be extremely complicated.

A well-created POP display can convince people to purchase a product just by the design. It takes a creative mind combined with professional know-how to come up with a compelling display. The choice of colors and promotional features are all essential to the entire display; about 82% of purchase decisions are often made by customers while already standing in the store. This is why POP displays are so important.

Color and shapes makes point of purchase displays stand out. Colorful point of purchase displays can catch customer attention from all the way across the street or from the front to the back of the store, because the uniquely shaped and colored display is a must see. The customer is drawn in to take a closer look and eventually the other elements of the POP compel them to make a purchase.

Point of purchase displays with just enough information makes the customer feel knowledgeable and powerful in their decision. The relevant product information helps the customer commit to buying with confidence because they can understand how to use the product, how it is beneficial to them and even how it compares to competitors. Rather than having the feeling of an impulse buy, the customer believes they have made an informed purchase and this can create a loyal relationship with a specific brand.

Interactive displays are the tipping point where customers feel like their purchase is completely worth it and they can recommend it to their friends or come back for another product. Information seeking customers are greatly rewarded by interactive displays because they can connect with the product on offer directly. You can make your display interactive through various ways:
Check out the following Cool-Ads products and join the POP revolution:

 Digital Handle Kit

Be the only image in your shoppers head when they reach into the cooler. The Digital Handle Kit with a bright LED back-lit panel with your graphics assures your message will stand out from all of the others.

The Cool-Ads™ Digital Handle Kit provides a cost-effective way to handle your cooler door advertising. Using AA batteries in an easy to access compartment means this marketing tool not only stands out, but it is economical and easy to maintain.

 NFC Technology

NFC (near field communication) technology enables you to connect with consumers like never before. Send us the informational or promotional message that you want to communicate to your audience. We'll program your message onto NFC stickers and send them back for installation.

Simply peel and affix the stickers onto any ad used on standard Cool-Ads Handles.

With the Coupon End Cap, using any standard Cool-Ads Handles, you can offer your coupons right on the cooler door. 

With the Coupon End Cap it is easy to run promotional specials on products throughout the year. Easily offer discounts to showcase seasonal merchandise, introduce new products, or offer a discount every month. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New or Retrofit Advertising Handle for Inset Handles

Another easy and inexpensive way to attract attention for a product at the point of potential purchase.
Designed for specific inset handles by cooler brand. Sales Lifts for the products or brands
being advertised at a rate of 34-79% as reported for all Cool-Ads™ handle products.
Easy 2 Minute Installation with no drilling. 
 Learn more visit

New for 2015 Entry Door Mounted Advertising Handle

Creates valuable advertising space. Heavy Duty unit can be retrofitted to fit any standard curved tubular handle entry set without any drilling or machining to your existing set.
Also available with new factory fit curved tubular handle piece or set.
Greet your customers at the door as they enter and catch their attention immediately.  Learn more about this new product visit

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cool-Flips Branding Sandals

I often hear from potential customers or clients that they need a new branding or need to boost their existing brand. Is it possible to change a brand incorrectly? Have you ever noticed when famous fast food or soft drink retailers change their identity, or their product just to miss the mark? There may have been many reasons to re brand and sometimes for many reasons it just does not resonate with consumers.

You must research re-branding or  initial branding if you hope to do it correctly. What is branding? Well wiki says that a brand (or marque for car model) is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller's product from those of others.[2] Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising.

So what can you do to stand out? Well, Cool-Ads™ has just introduced one extremely innovative to show off your brand in a very unique way that won't soon be forgotten! This new product for 2015 is Cool-Flips Branding Sandals! Relaxing at the beach is a beloved summer ritual. Cool-Flips enable you to literally embed your brand in the beach going experience. These comfortable, high-quality sandals are always a hit with consumers. Who wouldn’t want a free pair of sandals at the beach? And, as consumers walk around, they leave brand impressions in the sand, creating brand awareness and talk value! It’s a sure-fire and affordable way to get consumers looking at and thinking about your brand.

Simplicity such as offering a pair of sandals to people willing to wear them often can do more for a brand than a big multi-million dollar ad campaign. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do for you!

With NFC Technology, you can deliver your retail message directly to shoppers' mobile phones.

Did you know that advertising to your customers or potential customers is fast moving towards hand held devices? People use their phones and tablets a lot more than they read a newspaper. Have you seen your local paper lately? Old traditional advertising is shrinking while the new technology of consumers using their phones to shop is growing exponentially. Cool-Ads™ has come out with a new product that can tap into this market at your store level! We offer our new NFC Technology!

With NFC Technology, you can deliver your retail message directly to shoppers' mobile phones.

NFC (near field communication) technology enables you to connect with consumers like never before. Send us the informational or promotional message that you want to communicate to your audience. We'll program your message onto NFC stickers and send them back for installation. Simply peel and affix the stickers onto any ad used on a Cool-Ads™ handle. Setup is effortless. No power or tools needed. Shoppers simply wave their NFC-enabled smart phones over the sticker to receive your message. Unlike traditional point-of-purchase advertising, consumers leave the store with your message on their smart phones -- think of all the promotional and cross-selling opportunities that creates! Get ahead of the curve and use low-cost NFC stickers to capture shoppers' attention and deliver your message like never before.

Ask us about custom sticker printing as well as custom messaging. Visit our website at to learn more.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cool-Ads Partition Clamps: Now you can display Cool-Ads™ just about anywhere you want

Cool-Ads™ is the leader in price effective Point of Purchase (POP) merchandising with over 30 years of experience. Cool-Ads™ provides the retail marketplace a new generation of sensory display products.The latest Cool-Ads™ product release is the New Partition Clamp

 Cool-Ads™ is the leader in price effective Point of Purchase (POP) merchandising with over 30 years of experience. Cool-Ads™ provides the retail market place a new generation of sensory display products. The displays significantly increase customer awareness and sales. Recent surveys have shown a 79% lift in sales by using this type of POP advertising, as it is the last thing the consumer sees and touches before entering the cooler selection.

The latest Cool-Ads™ product release is the New Partition Clamp, which takes Cool-Ads™ to the next level. The innovative design of these versatile clamps enable you to place advertising on just about any fixture in the store including open coolers! The Clamps come in master pack quantity of 12 pieces and includes instruction sheet for installation. For more information you may visit our web site at or request a quotation at

For Distributor opportunities, please visit the website at: You can also reach us by phone at 312.988.0885.
Wild August LLC Announces a New Patent for its Cool-Ads™ Handles Providing Multisensory Stimuli Patent number US 9,032,653 B2 was awarded to Larry English and Wild August LLC for another of its outstanding products. This multisensory stimuli capability will increase the effectiveness of the Cool-Ads™ cooler door handle product line.

  Wild August LLC Cool-Ads™ is the leader in price effective Point of Purchase (POP) merchandising such as its revolutionary Cool-Ads™ cooler door handles. Cool-Ads™ displays significantly increase customer awareness and sales. The displays are sturdy and are easily mounted on any cooler door or other retail store fixtures. Wild August LLC is proud to announce a new innovation providing multi sensory stimuli that has been awarded a Patent by the U. S. government. Cool-Ads™ display units have sensors in the end caps that are triggered by motion and sets off digital light and sound sequences. Another embodiment utilizes a grid of LED lights that backlights the display and is set off by a motion sensor or a unique timer programmed to display for specific time intervals. With the new multisensory variation of this product, once the motion detectors are tripped, it will start a fan that gently streams aromas to the potential customer.

Wild August LLC is owned by Larry English who has over thirty years of retail experience with a focus in sales of cost effective and efficient POP advertising and branding for big box, convenience stores and food retailers. The flagship product for Wild August LLC is Cool-Ads™ a POP display that can be fitted to any cooler door handle or other store fixture quickly and easily in 1-5 minutes. The addition of a Multisensory Stimuli capability for its Cool-Ads™ Door Handle is yet another leap forward for Wild August LLC.

For more information about Cool-Ads™ products, please feel free to contact Larry English at 312.988.0885 or visit their web site at

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cool-Ads Welcomes Kinter as the newest USA Distributor


Introducing K-Ads. An innovative retail P.O.P. display product. K-Ads enables advertising to be mounted on in-store cooler door handles, creating a win for marketers and retailers. For marketers, K-Ads direct consumers to their brand at the point-of-sale. And for retailers, K-Ads create new revenue streams by turning their cooler door handles into billboards. K-Ads take adverting to a new place.  

This cool new medium is so powerful and effective it’s almost unfair! It’s way beyond P.O.P. It’s mind control!
To learn more about the new Cool-Ads distributor, please visit the website: CLICK HERE.

Distributor Brochure: CLICK HERE.

New For 2015! Display Cool-Ads On Store Fixtures

From the company that brought you innovative Cool-Ads products for cooler doors, now is providing a versatile new clamp that allows Cool-Ads handles to be displayed on virtually any store fixture. These devices even work with open coolers.

Cool-Ads place your ads right in front of the customer, at point-of-purchase, where you need to grab attention. Now, with the new PARTITION CLAMP these ads can be placed throughout a store, bringing the message to shelves and other fixtures.

For more information, please visit the Cool-Ads website: 

Product brochure: