Thursday, May 9, 2013

What is POP Advertising?

POP advertising is advertising that is built around impulse purchasing that utilizes displays designed to catch a shopper’s eye. These ads can be in many places usually around the checkout stand, but a strange thing happened on the way to adding additional ways to market and sell and it was called cooler ads! Cooler advertising you ask what is that? Well just think a minute, you are in a grocery store and you are shopping around the store and yes you see shelves with merchandise, but what else do you encounter all around that store? You pass by rows and rows of coolers having a variety of munchable items. What makes you open one of those coolers? Usually most shoppers need frozen veggies or ice cream or whatever but they have an idea what they want. If you owned that store and had thousands of shoppers a day going by those frozen coolers how else could you get them to stop and make an impulse buy? We provided the answer by creating, and now marketing, an inexpensive and effective style of POP advertising and branding for big box, convenience stores and food retailers. Cool-Ads fits any cooler door handle quickly and easily in 1-5 minutes. Our studies and results are showing sales have been seen to increase from 34% to 79% in stores that utilize our unique form of advertising! Our ads can be tailored to your store and its look and feel. We service small, medium and large stores. With 70-80% of purchase decisions made in the store the most critical place to grab attention and affect purchasing decisions is in front of the products. In coming articles we will tell you more about our new product releases for 2013 and some of our success stories such as Coca Cola.

More to come soon, but until then think about increased profits and sales!