Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Dear Friends:

Vegas today....my take on the most outrageous murder event of the year thus far. They say it's the worst mass shooting ever. Here, it seems everyone who survived are donating blood today. I think that will go on for days. The lines for the blood drives are long (3+ hours), but people are determined to do something good after so much bad. 

I saw a young man in tears at my local bagel shop, and stopped to speak with him. He is a writer for local news, and he spent the night covering the incident and was on the way to take his notes and turn them into something that he hopes will be meaningful. He was overwhelmed. I asked if he lost someone and he replied "nobody other than myself and my soul." I encouraged him to write his heart out in order to find it again. Other folks stopped by to offer their concern for the teary eyed young man. Just one small story in a city full of tears and those who care only to do something to feel like they helped someone.

As for the shooter, he came for war...a one man cowards war. 10 automatic rifles, 200 clips of ammo. 58 dead and over 500 wounded thus far. There were so many that our trauma center could only take 100 and the rest are spread out over 4 other hospitals. If you believe in God of any sort, or pray within the church of the heart, please do so for the wounded, so that they not join the dead at this time.

Larry English

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Thoughts from a point of purchase display manufacturer


No doubt this is the big question as it will affect the fate of the brands, and the future of how this type of shopping will progress, and what the benefits to the consumer are.

It appears that the choice of Whole Foods as an acquisition has primarily to do with it being the smallest buy in chain grocery world, and that they have some problems. This enabled Amazon to acquire it at a mere 25% premium. Not bad for a brand that has cache. I would say a good fit.

The major grocers are having poor results, and have problems they are seeking to solve based on peoples tastes these days. Some of which are emulations of Whole Foods guiding philosophy (i.e. Organic products) and others are concerns with operating overhead and modernization.

This sounds like a broken record as Amazon is largely responsible for the slate of bankruptcies in retail this year, and the year is just past midway.

The Amazon customer is a Millennial by and large. So understanding their consumer is primary to marketing efficacy. Their consumer does not want to shop (spend their time) in the major retail stores. Look at the state of affairs for what used to be the Big Eight retailers, and the big Department stores. There is one remaining Sears store in Chicago, Macys is closing stores, etc. Sad but now an old story that we all have heard, and many of us have suffered alongside of. Mid level restaurants, and movie theatres are suffering….the world has changed and we must view the future and look at our products to see that we fit in accordingly.

We all know that online is enormously successful and it satisfies their consumer with fast deliveries and no nonsense customer service. Thus good for consumers. Their Prime Food business needs improvement. The acquisition is a multi-level approach to gaining that improvement, and satisfying the customer is what they are all about as they continue to gain market share.


It appears to me it will be both. With this acquisition, Amazon will see an uptick in their Prime business as customers will know that their food is coming from Whole Foods. Right now they have no clue, and thus, it is questionable.

On the brick and mortar side it appears that they will thrive bringing electronic checkouts to the stores for example, as well as expanding their in house restaurant area.

They are currently working on a pilot store that utilizes a unique check out system. A customer comes into the store by swiping a credit card. They shop and as they load their cart it is electronically reading and creating their grocery checkout. It charges their card and off they go. More focus on stocking shelves and instore customer service. No more cashier staff to stand in line to wait for….nice. For Amazon its less staff to deal with and lower overhead as a result. That is a major item for grocers! 
Good for consumers? I think so. Does it decrease the Whole Foods concept of Take the Whole Paycheck? I think not.

So brick and mortar will stay, and the competition will need to keep up to stay or to find profitability again. They need us to help them market in a way that fits in with where the world has progressed to.


You bet! My local Whole Foods restaurant is buzzing at lunch and dinner times. Their customers have a daily selection and a full bar with excellent craft beers and liquors. No reservations and can spill out to the handy window seating if they choose or cant find a seat. Staff is young and cool, and you feel as if you could not possibly have fresher food served to you…straight off the shelves, into their kitchen, and on your table. It’s a place to be, a cool place to connect, and comfortable for an ipad or laptop with your food or drink, or watch the big screens.

Good for consumers? Sure enough.

In the world of restaurants, fast food and upscale independents are winning. The middle road is crowded with failures and soon to fail businesses. The Chilis, Fridays et al are dinosaurs. They are dull and boring in both menu and environment. Wouldn’t want to own their stock. And I doubt they can change their stripes. They are just different animals.


I think we all would agree that Point of Purchase is the ultimate marketing tool, as it is the last thing a shopper sees as they make their purchase decisions. It affects both the brand competitions and the retailer if it is done right. Efficient marketing is a bundle not a single thing. POP is the final straw.

The world of electronic innovation is key to success for marketing and for cross marketing. For marketers it is evolve or die. Constant improvement and creative thought is essential to survival. Brands and retailers will continue to demand that you deliver smart products that work and are attractive to today’s consumer.

I will offer more thoughts on in store marketing on another blog I plan to send, including some specific approaches to staying in the mix, and moving forward.

In general I think marketers will have lots to do, and I don’t think any of this indicates a dire future for those who pay attention. Brands are super aware of the need for innovation, and the outlets for their products need to share in their wisdom. Many are doing so. Wish you bought Amazon stock at $90?

Good luck out there.



Wild August has 10 patents worldwide and is proficient in sensory marketing at the POP level.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

New Trademark Awarded in China

We are pleased to announce the receipt of trademark for our brand name, Cool-Ads™  from China, a country with the largest population on earth. As our brand awareness grows, we have continually expanded our reach to various countries and have been awarded numerous patents and trademarks. For a complete list of our patents and trademarks, please visit our webpage CLICK HERE.

Cool-Ads™ offers a line of innovative products, each designed to captivate and engage the customer right at the Point Of Sale (POP). These products range from eye-catching and interactive handles that fit standard sized cooler doors offering promotional information, to store shelf advertising and entry door handle advertising.

2015 was an exciting and innovating year for Cool-Ads™! We released 6 new products last year, and we have exciting plans for 2016: we have already been awarded a coveted trademark in China. Last year we released these creative and useful products, sure to fit your marketing needs:
Be sure to visit the Cool-Ads™ webpage often as we continue to create products to make your brand stand out, and increase sales for your company. As always, POP … catch the customer where the purchase is made.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Brighter Graphics Make Your Products POP!

New product introduced in 2015: Digital Bright Backlit LEDGraphics

Fits standard cooler doors with bright colors that will really make your product images, logo, and information stand out from the rest. Backlit LEDs are incorporated into a design structure that diffuses light across the entire panel.

You create any ad you want on inexpensive transparent sheets, and Cool-Ads™ technology brings it to life! The handle itself has motion sensors that turn on the bright display when motion is detected. Battery powered using 8 AA batteries located in an easily accessible compartment.

The key to sales is showcasing your product in the best light and increasing sales at the Point of Purchase. Stand out from the rest with this dazzling bright display that is sure to bring the needed attention you are seeking.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to create ads
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • And, most of all, LUMINOUSLY EFFECTIVE
For more information, please visit our website.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

How effective is the Use of Multi-sensory Devices in POP?

According to research that was conducted in Europe, a customer’s purchasing decision is not only affected by sight but touch and movement also have a role to play. The research showed that products that appeal to different senses have a 45% higher chance of enticing the consumer to purchase. The research concluded that taste, sound, sight, smell and touch can all have an influence on sales. By engaging most, if not all, of these senses at the point of purchase brands are able to increase sales and boost their bottom-line.

Cool-Ads™ multi-sensory devices have amazing features that make use of touch, color, movement, and sound to make every product unique and appealing and ultimately influence the buyer’s decision. It gives brands an opportunity to engage with the consumer even before they make the purchasing decision. For brands that have been there for a long time, adding multi-sensory features is one way to retain their customer’s interests.

Here are just a few of the Cool-Ads™ products that will awaken YOUR potential consumer’s senses:


Be the only image in your shoppers head when they reach into the cooler. The Digital Handle Kit with a bright LED back-lit panel (link) with your graphics assures your message will stand out from all of the others.

The Cool-Ads™ Digital Handle Kit provides a cost-effective way to handle your cooler door advertising. Using AA batteries in an easy to access compartment means this marketing tool not only stands out, but it is economical and easy to maintain.


What’s the most effective coupon if you are trying to influence a potential customer to purchase your product? The simplest answer is: A coupon that will be SEEN as valuable, and one that will ultimately be USED to purchase the product. I’m sure we can all agree that if a coupon is offered in a medium that isn’t visible or is too difficult to use, then you lose the opportunity to influence buying behavior with it.

With the Coupon End Cap, and using standard Cool-Ads™ Handles, you can offer your coupons right on the cooler door. With the Coupon End Cap it is easy to run promotional specials on products throughout the year. Easily offer discounts to showcase seasonal merchandise, introduce new products, or offer a discount every month. 


Your customers WANT your products. You WANT them to find and buy your products! So, when someone walks into a large retail area filled with coolers and loaded with products, how are you going to keep them from just buying the first thing they see, making a short stop at the register, and going about their busy day? The answer is you have to grab their attention before they have a chance to pick another product! You want to influence that customer when they are ready to make a selection and purchase a product.

Motion-activated Sound Light and Touch Module will increase sales lift.  Accessorize your Cool-Ads™ handle with the Sound and Light Module, a new concept in P.O.P! SL 1.5 Sound, Light and Touch CLICK HERE for more information.

How to Expand Your Message with Cool-Ads™ Products

The other day I was shopping, and picked up a bag of SUN-MADE dried fruit in the grocery store. On the back of the package there is a message about learning more about the SUN-MADE story, and a tag that can be scanned with a smart phone. If this tag is scanned, then you can download a large full color PDF document, or be directed to a website with the same information. Right now they are celebrating the 100th anniversary, and this document is full of unique historical information, gorgeous photos, and, of course, promotional articles.

So, are advertising opportunities such as this available for other types of advertising? YES! With the new Cool-Ads™ NFC Retail Marketing Technology stickers offered in 2015, you have the same advertising advantage as what I found on the SUN-MADE package in the grocery store. With the NFC Stickers, you can affix them to ANY Cool-Ads™ handle to increase your message to your customers.

Use of any of the Cool-Ads™ handles from our large and varied handle options gives you the edge over other vendor messages by catching the shopper’s attention right at the point of purchase. Expand this reach even further! Imagine the opportunities once you’ve captured the attention of a consumer, by the ability to reach out to them and direct their attention toward even more information.

Here are some examples:
  • Link to a webpage with expanded information
  • Link to a webpage so customers can sign up for news or loyalty programs
  • Link to a mobile app with your company or product profile
  • Offer coupons or other promotional discounts
  • Offer informational documents for download
For more information about NFC Technology, please visit our website.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Innovation … From Cool-Ads™ Your POP Expert ... and 2015 Wrap-up

2015 was an exciting and innovating year for Cool-Ads™! We released 7 new products this year, and we have exciting plans for 2016 … so, stay tuned! This year we released these creative and useful products, sure to fit your marketing needs:

Please click on the links above for a full description of each of these innovative POP products.

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This year was also marked by the receipt of multiple trademark and patents around the world. You can visit our Patents andTrademarks page for more information.

Be sure to continue to visit the Cool-Ads™ webpage often as we continue to create products to make your brand stand out, and increase sales for your company. As always, POP … catch the customer where the purchase is made.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year in 2016.